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5G Integrator, Mobile Private Cloud, M2Mi, Robotics and Automation Solutions Provider

XMG is a cutting edge technology research firm, specializes in 5G Systems Integrator, Mobile Cloud, M2Mi, Robotics and Automation Solutions and works with major technology and financial firms globally.

XMG Advantage

5G Systems Integrator

XMG is a systems integrator for 5G and facilitates 5G applications in business by providing 5G based mobile cloud, M2Mi services, communications and data processing and also provide predective scenarios based on current events along with optimized solutions for unexpected events.... Readmore

Mobile Private Cloud

XMG Provides Mobile Cloud for businesses where the information accessed through very secure 5G network and also provide landline based private cloud as a backup communication channel.... Readmore

Robotics and Manufacturing Automation

XMG has been working on robotics and automation and can scale up manufacturing through the specialized processes and machines.... Readmore

Solutions to the Financial Firms

We have ultra low latency trading platforms which include the low latency market datafeed handlers, trading engine, simulators and backtesters as well as the latest cutting edge servers at data centers. We provide PAAS (Platform as a Service), IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), EAAS (Execution as a Service) and all our services can save tremendous amount of time and cost as well as speed up your production cycle by significant magnitude.... Readmore

XMG is devoted to providing a first class service across the entire trade life cycle, by delivering tailor made solutions unique to our clients requirements.

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Our Features

Fully automated, highly scalable M2Mi solutions for manufacturing and financial firms.


XMG products and systems are highly scalable with ease of integration. It can take less than a day to set it up, integrate and start scaling your business.


Safe & Secure

Our platform has been integrated with some manufacturing and financial firms. We provide world class security with multi-layers of DMZ.



Our system can handle redundancy, fault tolerance and backup instantanously with zero down time. Without worrying about your trades and business.


Experts Support

We are always available to support your exchnage 24/7 and Five 9s.


Instant Access and Iterative Improvements

If you detect any issues, all your transactions are logged and can be accessed in real time. You can act upon this and minimise your loss. Most of all, you can use our cutting edge analysis tool before and after each trade. Iteratively improve the performance and profitability of your business.


Cutting Edge Algorithms and Patents

The cutting edge alogorithms have been developed over the past 20 years and we are in the process of patenting in the USA, EU and the UK.


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Registar for a free account today, see a trial demo, and start integrating with our platform to add value. Once you become our client, you will be authorised for licensed products as well as the necessary support.


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When you intergrate into our platform, you will see all our prices and tools all most immediately. This can take utmost one day if not one hour to integrate and see the difference.


Scale your Business

By integrating with our world class platform and services, you can enjoy the added values which will help you greatley increase your revenue stream.



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Meet Our Team

Our experts in the field of Machine Learning and AI are always available to help with any of your questions!

Ken Kemal


Ken Kemal


Ken has over 20 years experience in Machine Learning and AI and its applications in Finance, Manufacturing and Robotics and as a serial entrepreneur, he deployed many successful applications in the companies he built in the Silicon Valley and Europe. A graduate of Cornell, Oxford and London Business School, Ken brings a rare combination of strategy and leadership to the team.

Dr Paul Tolman

Head of Research

Dr Paul Tolman

Head of Research

Dr Paul Tolman holds PhD in Mathematical Physics from Trinity College, Cambridge University and has been working on distributed systems, low-latency algorithmic trading , and real-time quant models for more than 20 years and he was the former head of Quantitative Trading at RBS Financial Markets.

Firdaus Saliev

Global Head of Business Development

Firdaus Saliev

Global Head of Business Development

Firdaus brings over 15 years of networking, 4G, 5G experience to XMG. He has senior roles at Interactive Data, 7Ticks and for managing the ultra low latency high frequency trading network and currently he is resonsponsible for the 5G Mobile Cloud development in our group.

Latest News

5G will change the total landscape of how businesses operate once it is fully deployed.